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InCUBATE Residency - April/May 2009

image: a small goup of participants conduct Field Studies in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, following a Sunday Soup event at InCUBATE.

Bowls on Several Occasions examines the urban landscape through wandering matches of Bowls, an ancient pastime that involves tossing balls towards a target ball.

A series of excursions are being conducted in Chicago. Much of this activity remains undocumented.


Working Notes:



1. Perhaps this could be understood as an approach to land-use interpretation: highly implicative, and diversionary by nature.

2. Or a kind of instrumentation: drawing upon the landscape, mapping even.

3. Excursions to this effect may be dedicated, or simply occur within the interstitial spaces of everyday passage.

4. In any case, the general form (space/duration), objectives, and terms of play will remain open and changing.

image: Bowls Interpretive Center; as presented at the Version Fest 9 alternative art fair.
image: independently published bookwork. Produced and distributed in conjunction with the residency project at InCUBATE. 4.75 x 3.25 inches. (image courtesy of Golden Age Books).